Whether you're a vegetarian for dietary, ethical or spontaneous reasons, if you're single and looking for friendship, love or even a few new ways to cook tofu, then you needn't look any further than Vegetarian Lovers. We're the UK's only dating site dedicated to bringing conscientious singles from across the country together for dating like only vegetarians know how.

Sound appealing? Then unlike the smell of bacon, this one you can give in to. Sign up with Vegetarian Lovers for free today simply by entering your name and email address in to our secure system. The rest is down to fate. Start searching t5hrough loads of single men and women from across the UK who want to meet and date you. What's more, there's no obligation to pay a penny until you think you've found someone worth it - and we guarantee that there will be loads of them!

The latest single veggies to sign up with Vegetarian Lovers:

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